Dr Khalid Blankinship, an Islamic historian and professor at Temple University in Imam Hussain (ra)-A Historical Perspective-Dr Khalid Yahya Blankinship. Dr. Blankinship, a Historian and Professor at Temple University, provides a Dr. Khalid Yahya Blankinship-Islamic Scholar and Historian-Dr. The End of the Jihad State: The Reign of Hisham Ibn Abd Al-Malik and the Colla ( Suny Series in Medieval Middle East History) by Khalid Yahya Blankinship.

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He is the guy that takes 2 hours to tell a 10 minute story. No ratings found — view all ratings for this professor. Help out your fellow khalie.

Dr. Khalid Blankinship |

Blankinship, as others have said, is extremely knowledgeable on the subjects he teaches, as well as most related subjects. IP addresses are logged. Yes Would Take Again: His downfall, is like a lot of Professors, he has taught so long, that he doesn’t really want to do it anymore, and has lost his enthusiasm.

Would highly NOT recommend. Hope you had a good semester. He did not answer emails. There was A LOT of reading to do and he had very high expectations, but it was very interesting. Do not take this class!!! There is a paper every other week and the books are mandatory.


Khalid Yahya Blankinship

I took a religions course and he expected us to know blaninship too much specific information. I think that he is very bias in his teaching. This field is required.

Does not meet any student expectations in teaching.

Listens to himself speak! He can be difficult because he expects the same thoroughness from your work khalir he uses in his teaching. His class is not easy, but if you don’t act like an idiot in class, he’s an extremely kind and generous person, and will talk to you in his office for long periods of time.

This guy is something else, he is so smart but he manages to teach almost nothing for an entire semester. Rate This Professor Share. This was my most interesting class of the semester!!!

Dr Khalid Blankinship – LampPost

Submitted data becomes the property of RateMyProfessors. His class is not easy, but if you don’t act like an idiot in class, he’s an extremely kind and generous person, and will talk to you in his office for long periods of time 3 people found this useful 1 person did not find this useful report this rating.

Makes everything very interesting. His classes require work, but the rewards are high. Professor isn’t bad but he is boring. Dry sense of humor, thinks you should know everything the way he does, gives hard study q’s to do, tests are ridiculus.


Reads directly from his printed notes without class participation. Poor class management between students.

All issues he directed to the TA. No Would Take Again: The depth of his religious knowledge, and historical knowledge is probably not equalled by many people anywhere. B might be a brillant man, but if he’s not going to teach right he shouldn’t do it at all.

Help guide your fellow classmates by giving them the inside scoop! I think he should actually do something. Only one term paper and its only 4 pages. Pretty sure he’s lost touch with reality. He was not helpful. The TA takes attendance, grades all hw, papers, and tests.

Professor Blankinship is a very intelligent man, he is extremely well read and does not have to guess at anything when it comes to history or religion. Blankinship knows his material. More for someone who wants to do a major.