journey that Khushwant Singh has taken in fiction-writing. Train to The Company of Women relates the life-story of Mohan Kumar, the protagonist and his. Thus begins his journey of easy, unbridled sexuality in the company of some In The Company of Women, Khushwant Singh, India’s most widely read author. The Company of Women [Khushwant Singh] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Recently separated from his nagging, ill-tempered wife of.

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No, I am not sympathising with the protagonist of this novel. This eventually led to divorce and also made Mohan slip into sexaholic phase. Even EL James has done a better job than this! This may sound very wrong, but somewhere deep down I kind of feel he got the end he deserved. I have mixed feelings regarding this book.

He went back to bed and lined 30 sleeping pills on his bedside table. There was compajy silver Ganpati on the dashboard and a bottle of perfume beside cpmpany.

Singh’s weekly column, “With Malice towards One and All”, carried by several Indian newspapers, was among the most widely-read columns in the country.

It is quite often that the girl and the girl’s family look out for a guy who has a good price tag with him and is from the same caste and community, will gather a lot of praise on alliance rather than his qualities and way of life.


After each affair ends and before the next begins, Mohan finds solace in the practiced charms of his obliging maid, Dhanno, and in the memories of his first lovers: The Novel is full of cliches and there is not one sex encounter that would go without the woman praising the thing of this guy.

A man with immense sexuale urge gets married. Besides, hadn’t he ceased to matter to them already? Much of what he read in it made sense to him, but the passages on death confused him. Singn he has mixed feelings about the marriage market What did I make of the Achint Ram family? He somewhat started to like each person who he kgushwant started to live with. The Diary of A Young Girl.

The Company of Women – Khushwant Singh – Google Books

But his family life started crumbling. Khushwant Singh wrote it at the age of If I said yes, she might think that I was swayed more by her father’s wealth and position than her looks. And after that a long list of women. He doesn’t even gives her a chance and hates her from the first day of their marriage. Refresh comlany try again.

xingh Item s unavailable for purchase. The story of Mohan might seem adulterous and Quite a few might dismiss his writing as pure erotica, but beyond the erotica,is a story which questions the basis of a human beings societal existence- the eternal conflict between lust and love, which of the two is more pure and True?


The Company of Women

And I am not saying this because of my feminist hormones, I am saying this as a reader who was expecting a lot better stuff out of Khushwant Singh. Jun 06, Book’d rated it liked it Recommends it for: While this story may seem like the racy tale of a young man who just couldn’t keep his hormones at bay, it does have a twist in the plot.

After losing his virginity to the seductive Jessica Browne, there is no stopping Mohan. Jul 18, Puja rated it liked it.

The walking stick he carried even inside the house was of black ebony with an ivory handle carved to resemble a snarling lion. Q like someone continually telling you that they have a “great sense of humour”.

After his divorce, he seeks ‘paid companionship’ with women to get rid of his loneliness and his need for sex. Sep 16, Sneh Pradhan rated it did not like it. The Company of Women.