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journey that Khushwant Singh has taken in fiction-writing. Train to The Company of Women relates the life-story of Mohan Kumar, the protagonist and his. Thus begins his journey of easy, unbridled sexuality in the company of some In The Company of Women, Khushwant Singh, India’s most widely read author. The Company of Women [Khushwant Singh] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Recently separated from his nagging, ill-tempered wife of.

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We stripped and went in to the bath room. The storyline was gripping and the book was readable enough, but it was just not one of those that leave you thinking about the plot for long after you kjushwant finished it or for that matter even when you’re reading it.

Pots of money but no class.

Book extract: Khushwant Singh’s ‘The Company of Women’

People started to gossip about him as a womanizer. Everything depended on my saying yes. This Mohan Kumar as a student in the U.

So it happened, I only bought the book as I am a Khushwant Singh fan of 10 years in my life compsny a little more than 2 decades.

Then there was their Mercedes Benz, which brought us home. Khushwant Singh, to me, is the sultan of tom-tomming. Some one will read it.

This idea of live-in relations for short time periods leads him to khuhswant various sexual relations, the ones mentioned in the back cover of the book. I also thought over the wisdom of marrying a rich man’s daughter and bringing her out of a large mansion to a pokey little flat. I did not want to be beholden to her father and be treated as a ghar jamai – the resident son-in-law.


I really cannot understand the hypocrite mind of Indian writers who want to I have just one sentence for this book.

His liaisons with various women are detailed accounts and the bedroom scenes are graphically portrayed. This made his father to leave their house and went to Haridwar near Ganges where he lived his rest of the life. If it is the former, then maybe I am missing out something very profound, because it pretty much seems the latter to me.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Trivia About The Company of Women. Maybe that is what I should admit that I liked it. Shop from United States to see titles available to kjushwant. Italian marble tables with silver framed photographs comppany powerful politicians, but no Gandhi, no Nehru.

The Company of Women

Singh clarifies the protagonist is purely fictional. I want to know why such book is written? No, cancel Yes, report it Thanks! By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. All were from different backgrounds and no one is related to any other. Lust is timeless AND is the true foundation of love. He was dejected once he knew about that.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. He came back to India after acquiring his degree and married a girl who his father had chosen. She is perpetually cranky, and it seems like she was born with a long face. I can control its onset with your help but I can’t cure it.


But then her family became a priority and she moved over books. For him, love is an elusive concept and means different things to different people. It was awkward and vulgar for me at that time.

His wife always loathing him and his father.

After I grew up, I read it again with the eyes of an adult. He somewhat started to like each person who he had started to live with. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The Company of Women (Singh novel) – Wikipedia

Boasts about the size of his Apr 24, Riju Ganguly rated it it was ok. Part one is his escapades after separation, and part 2 copmany the form of his diary regarding his conquests starting at an early age. Perhaps she understood that it was not the greatest. Although I HAVE read several books that can be classified as rather risque from all anglesthis so-called erotica, failed to thrill me forget about titillation. The women invol Well, the company of women wasn’t that enjoyable.

I have read Train to Pakistan and Delhi from the same author, and when I read this book, I was surprised to see the fall in quality of storytelling and imagination. It was no use telling my father about the lack of class in this rich family; he would not have understood.