Phylum: Annelida. Class: Polychaeta Grube, Groups included. Palpata · Scolecida · Cladistically included but traditionally excluded taxa. Chaetopteridae. The Polychaeta /ˌpɒlɪˈkiːtə/, also known as the bristle worms or polychaetes, are a. Annelida. Class: Clitellata. Order: Oligochaeta. Family: Naididae. Subfamily: Tubificinae. Genus: Tubifex. Lamarck, Tubifexjpg. Tubifex is a cosmopolitan genus of tubificid annelids that inhabits the sediments of lakes, rivers. PENGERTIAN KLASIFIKASI ANNELIDA 1. Polychaeta Polychaeta (dalam bahasa yunani, poly = banyak, chaetae = rambut kaku) merupakan.

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Some species in the genus Eunicie reproduce by epitoky. This risk can be partially solved by keeping the worms under brisk running water until they have voided the contents of their digestive systems. An Encyclopedia of Curious and Unusual Klasifkiasi.

Polychaetes have a varying number of protonephridia or metanephridia for excreting waste, which in some cases can annslida relatively complex in structure. Polychaetes occur throughout the Earth’s oceans at all depths, from forms that live as plankton near the surface, to a 2- to 3-cm specimen still unclassified observed by the robot ocean probe Nereus at the bottom klasifikasu the Challenger Deepthe deepest known spot in the Earth’s oceans. Retrieved 28 July The cocoon is formed around the clitellum as a soft, box-like structure into which the ova and the sperm are deposited.

Ina large blobby mass made of colonies of Tubifex was found to be living in the sewers of RaleighNorth Carolina. Once mature, the gametes are shed into the surrounding water through ducts or openings that vary between species, or in some cases by the complete rupture of the body wall and subsequent death of the adult. Tubifex is a cosmopolitan genus of tubificid annelids that inhabits the sediments of lakesrivers and occasionally sewer lines.

Most are now commercially obtained from the effluent of fish hatcheries, or from professional worm farms.

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World Register of Marine Species. More than 10, species are described in this class. Biological Traits Information Catalogue. Polychaete cuticle does have some preservation potential; it tends to survive for at least 30 days after a polychaete’s death.


In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. Oligochaeta of North America”. They can sometimes be brightly coloured, and may be iridescent or even luminescent. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Polychaeta. Lastly, in poorly cleaned aquaria, Tubifex can become established as a pest species, covering the bottom of the aquarium in a thick carpet which may be considered unsightly.

Tubifex – Wikipedia

This page was last edited on 15 Decemberat Tubifex can be easily cultured on klasifikzsi scale in containers with klasifukasi mm thick pond mud at the bottom, blended with decaying vegetable matter and masses of bran and bread. November Learn how and when to remove this template message.

The most primitive species have a pair of gonads in every segment, but most species exhibit some degree of specialisation. Each segment bears a pair of paddle-like and highly vascularized parapodiawhich are used for movement and, in many species, act as the worm’s primary respiratory surfaces.

klasifikasi annelida

Retrieved 12 February The body also contains greenish “chloragogen” tissue, similar to that found in oligochaeteswhich appears to function in metabolism, in a similar fashion to that of the vertebrate liver. The body of the sea mouse is covered in a dense mat of parapodia and setae hairlike structures.

Taxonomically, polychaetes are thought to be paraphyletic[18] meaning the group excludes some descendants of its most recent common ancestor. However, polychaetes vary widely from this klasifiksi pattern, and can display a range of different body forms.

At this stage, the sperm of one worm is passed into the spermathecae of the other worm. Common representatives include the lugworm Arenicola marina and the sandworm or clam worm Alitta. Their jaws are formed from sclerotised collagen, and their setae from sclerotised chitin.

annellda Articles needing additional references from November All articles needing additional references Articles with ‘species’ microformats All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from November Commons category link from Wikidata. Underneath this, in order, klasifiaksi a thin layer of connective tissue, a layer of circular muscle, a layer of longitudinal muscle, and klaasifikasi peritoneum surrounding the body cavity.


List of Annelid families. Thus, the spermathecal opening of each worm is nearer to the male apertures of another worm. Polychaetes are extremely variable in both form and lifestyle, and include a few taxa that swim among the plankton or above the abyssal plain. Aphroditaor sea mouseis a genus of marine polychaete worms found in the Mediterranean sea and the eastern and western Atlantic Ocean. The gonads shed immature gametes directly into the body cavity, where they complete their development.

The genus includes the following species: In general, however, they possess a pair of jaws and a pharynx that can be rapidly everted, allowing the worms to grab food and pull it into their mouths. The eye spots sense when the epitoke reaches the surface and the segments from millions of worms burst, releasing their eggs and sperm into the water.

Each body segment has a pair of fleshy protrusions called parapodia that bear many bristles, called chaetaewhich are made of chitin.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The digestive tract is a simple tube, usually with a stomach part way along. Groups that may be descended from the polychaetes include the oligochaetes earthworms and leechessipunculansand echiurans.

Soon, the Tubifex worm withdraws its body from the egg case by its backward wriggling movements. When worms come to the surface due to lack of oxygen, they are collected and washed under brisk stream of water to remove residual mud attached to their bodies.

Retrieved April 26,