ADIT. Adit, Tangent construction model (Sketchup). AMFIPANEL. Amfipanel 3D ( Sketchup). Amfipanel on furring (DWG) (PDF). BELGRAVIA. Knauf Gips KG denies any liability for applications outside of Germany as K .de Knauf Cubo Escape Tunnel (see Knauf System Data Sheet Wde). Wde – Knauf Metal Stud Partition – Single metal stud frame, double-layer cladding. Wde Wde Knauf Sanitär-Einbauteile sanitary built-ins.

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Partitions – Terminology Partitions – Terminology The purpose of this Factfile information sheet is to present alphabetically the definitions of generic types of partition constructions and to explain other associated terminology More information. It is used in certain ground floor basement situations.

Solid Board GKF m x 0. Commence with the fixing of the oards in the oard centre or on the oard corner to avoid uckling. Board suitale for high humidity areas.

W21 Knauf sanitarne podkonstrukcije

Fireoard is used in drywall systems that provide specially optimized fire protection solutions. It is built on skids, meaning that there are no footings More information.

Coiling Metal Counter Doors. inauf

Structural Steel Chapter 3: Knauf CW doule profile: Structural fire design Eurocode This is a general specification guide, intended to be used by experienced construction professionals, in conjunction with good construction practice and professional judgment. The production method is based on the fibering More information. Revealed ceiling under freespanning ceiling D Requirements for the insulation layer insulation material, e. Other systems are available for specific uses, More information.

All stated details and properties are in compliance with the regulations of the German standards and uilding regulations.

Knauf Mineral Wool Foil Faced Pipe Insulation 22mm Bore 30mm Thick 1.2m Long

Test configuration Wood joist ceiling A heavy inlay R w alt. Start display at page:. Mounting instruction Suspension of ventilation systems Lindab’s recommendations Content General Examples of suspension Lower requirements of bearing capacity Suspension without requirements of fire class. Earthwool Acoustic Roll and More information. It is used in certain ground floor basement situations More information. Application Recommendations Dimensioning Aids.

  CHROMA 19073 PDF

Knauf Mineral Wool Foil Faced Pipe Insulation 22mm Bore 30mm Thick m Long

Stairs, Ramps, Handrails and Guards 9. Lindner undertakes onauf projects worldwide in all areas of interior fit-out, d21 More information. The index R is used to differentiate etween the calculation value and the test stand values. Structural Steel 43 Chapter 3: Knauf oards are connected with screws to a metal stud framework made of Knauf CW Profiles as a single or doule profile frame. Window Installation Instructions Caution The correct installation methods of windows in full frame or insert applications is critical towards achieving the tested performance of the window and longterm enjoyment and energy savings for More information.

Light Gauge Steel Framing: System Data Sheet D Discover the possibilities with aluminium profiles from Sapa Profiles in stock Standard catalogue Discover the possibilities with aluminium from Sapa You can create your own profile or you can choose from a wide selection of standard.

Follow each step More information. B2 2x covering strip: Review answers to common questions regarding the design and construction More information. Fire protection w2 for uiltin lighting Scheme drawing, all dimensions in mm Fire resistance F30 solely from elow solely from elow and from aove Front side stapling of the cladding Cladding mm Staple lengths mm mm Max.

Sie gelten nur ei Verwendung der angegeenen Produkte, Systemkomponenten, Anwendungsregeln und Konstruktionsdetails in Verindung e21 den Vorgaen der auaufsichtlichen Nachweise.

Profiles in knaut Standard catalogue Discover the possibilities with aluminium from Sapa You can create your own profile or you can choose from a wide selection of standard. Composite Panel Firewall Systems Composite Panel Firewall Systems part of the Protecting more than your business Insulated mineral fibre panels have excellent thermal and acoustic properties, ideal for factory and office partition walls.


We care about INT. An F90 Fireoard Ceiling A1 rated solely from elow when connected to fireresistant walls, even under wood joist ceilings, is assigned with the general uilding authority designation F90 A Proofs Knauf System D Mark Cramer Knzuf Services, Inc. These symols indicate the added value of a system in the tales on the following pages. Arrange the oard joints on the furring channels stagger y at least mm st oard layer 2nd oard layer Stagger the front edge joints etween oard layers in case of multilevel cladding Front edge Stagger the long joints etween the oard layers y at least half a oard width.


Introduction and Contents This detailed shed plan-set is in both Standard and metric dimensions. Call for Installation Support.

Screw connect with Metal Screws LN 3. P02 Specialist partitions introduction C05 Specialist partitions Introduction Specialist partitions This knuaf details specialist lightweight systems where high-security, More information.

FireWall FireWall High performance fireresistant wall system FireWall is a non-loadbearing wall which provides up to minutes fire resistance. The better way to build TM. These systems help knajf the performance More information.

Room widths with system Multilevel ceiling system 1 Max. However, steel construction is seldom used and is traditionally More information. Unterdecken alleine freitragend in the Fire resistance knaug German only.

The production method is based on the fibering.