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Kollidon® SR is composed of polyvinyl acetate and povidone (Kollidon 30) in a ratio of , in powder form. Because of the presence of hydrophobic vinyl. Kollidon SR is a polyvinyl acetate and povidone based matrix retarding agent. It is particulartly suitable for the manufacturing of pH-independent. PDF | Due to the permanent cost pressure for newly developed pharmaceutical formulations the selection of the “right” excipient becomes a very crucial factor.

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Kollidon SR from BASF North America

By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. HelloYou are logged in with access to additional information. The matrix former providing superior sustained release. It is particularly suitable for manufacturing of pH-independent sustained-release matrix tablets by direct compression or hot melt extrusion.

Polyvinyl kkllidon is a very plastic material that produces a coherent matrix even under low compression forces.

When the tablets are introduced into gastric or intestinal fluid, the water soluble povidone is leached out to form pores through which the active ingredient slowly diffuses outwards. The sustained-release properties are unaffected by ions or salts. Looking for application guides, technical and scientific posters, brochures or technical information? Visit our Download Center. Choose your language This site is available in the following languages: Please retry again later.


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Kollidon SR from BASF North America – Product Description and Details

The methods for the analytical characterisations are taken from the Ph. The main application is for the production of pH-independent sustained-release matrix tablets by direct compression. White or slightly yellowish, free-flowing powder.


Insoluble in water The povidone part is soluble but the polyvinyl acetate part is insoluble. It is very soluble in N-methylpyrrolidone. American Pharmaceutical Review Controlled Release: Formulation Applying sustained release functionality in granulation Read.

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Brochure Ensuring the precision you need — every time Download. Poster Benefiting from the additional sustained release functionality of koplidon acetate dispersion applied as binder in wet granulation Download.

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