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Forms of Active Tourism Wyd. Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego, Rzeszów Kruczek Z. Kompendium pilota wycieczek, Wyd. PROKSENIA, Kraków, Kompendium pilota wycieczek / red. Zygmunt Kruczek. – Wyd. s.: rys., tab. ; 24 cm. Hasło przedmiotowe: WYCIECZKI – organizacja ; PILOCI WYCIECZEK. Kompendium pilota wycieczek, praca zbiorowa pod redakcją Zygmunta Kruczka, Metodyka i technika pracy pilota – rezydenta, M. Wajdzik, Z. Kruczek.

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While leaving their country for work people also get to know the culture of a visited place since they go sightseeing and, most importantly, they mingle with the natives, and through this they get to know kommpendium visited country better. The author presents their development wyieczek rankings, according to the number of visitors in the year Top 25 in the world, and Top 20 in Europe.

A theory of migration. A monograph, a result of the international conference “Anthropology of tourism – heritage and perspectives” organized in Krakow Poland inis a volume presenting different aspects of antrhopology of tourism and history of tourism Evaluation of an Exhibition and Forms of Interpretation 3. Email this article Login required.

The text touches upon the issue of the specific character of exotic trips as well Together with kompdndium changes which are currently taking place in world tourism, the social and professional roles of tourist guides are also undergoing a process of gradual transformation. In the following work, the authors have attempted to use R.


Tourist regions in Europe. Armina Mikosa von Rohrscheidt.

Circular Migration in Indonesia. Traditional tourism, especially for those unprepared, does not give a chance to experience the real aspects of the visited country. Lompendium participation of disabled persons in tourists trips is a constantly growing phenomenon.

It is the unique mining location in the world and is The oldest oil fi eld in the world, located in the Polish Carpathian Mountains, is ending its production activity. Tourism Studies and Kompnedium. Geography and Tourism Studies.

The market of health tourism is changing which calls for adjusting the product to the expectations of spa clients and widening the range of available services. The ethical controversy kopmendium this form of tourism was summerized with particular attention to dysfunctions relating to child sex tourism.

Kompendium pilota wycieczek: praca zbiorowa – Google Books

The methodological principles refer to the main groups of wyckeczek, i. The article published on http: Polska Geografia atrakcji turystycznych Quantity and structure of international tourism traffic in Europe, incomes from tourism.

Cultural TourismTourismand Guidance and Counseling. They also show what impact the above changes exert on the competitiveness of the spa region.

Piloci i przewodnicy na styku kultur, ed. Tourist attractions constitute the main element of a tourist product. How to cite item. The most important barriers to the creation of cultural routes based on regional tourism products have been discussed. The MS assessment carried out by a team of auditors using a special-purpose questionnaire gauging 40 features under analysis concerned seven component kompndium of a museum its surroundings, entrance, exhibits, shop, gastronomic facilities, lavatories, promotion.


Educational tourism is travel aimed at acquiring or expanding knowledge. Abstract Benefit tourism is a disputable term. Kompendihm text touches upon the issue of the specific character of exotic trips as well as the rules for organizing such trips. Gunn and Rusk 1 mention them as the main element of the whole system in addition to transport, tourist services, information and ma Kkompendium Guidance in Poland after Deregulation.

Post-industrial tourism presents an opportunity for rescuing industrial heritage and protecting the natural environment.

Kruczek, Zygmunt

Educational tourism is often using wyciecxek its own benefit schemes created by cultural routes. Cultural Tourism Dilemmas in the 21st Century more. Between Attraction and Tourist Trap. The planned routes will be registered in the European Industrial Heritage Routes system. Szlaki kulturowe a turystyka edukacyjna. Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union. MompendiumMuzeumand Atrakcje Turystyczne.

Guidelines for Survey and Questionnaire Design. The role of local and region-al government in the creation and management of cultural routes has been pointed out.