The Konbaung Dynasty, , sometimes called the Alaungpaya Dynasty or the House of Alompra by the British colonial rulers) was the. The Konbaung Dynasty was the last dynasty that ruled Burma (Myanmar), from to The dynasty created the second largest empire in Burmese history, . Alaungpaya (reigned –) unified Myanmar and founded the Konbaung Dynasty, sometimes referred to as the Third Burmese dynasty, which held power .

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Ina Burmese army, which was on its way to Siam, was dynxsty its grip of the borderlands, and the sawbwas complained to China. His objective was to seize Chittagong and Dacca in a lightning thrust and, with the aid of a second Myanmar army marching from Assam, to expel the British from Bengal. While this kind of suicide in the face of bureaucratic failure apparently was not unusual in Qing China, it reportedly enraged the Emperor nonetheless.

Early next morning King Thebaw was hurried into a bullock-cart with little ceremony, his queen into another, and in the presence of a great crowd of weeping and awestruck subjects, they were conveyed to a steamer on the Irawadi. Thibaw was a younger son of King Mindon and studied in a Buddhist monastery Pagan [N 1] — This left the Chinese flotilla exposed. A small community of foreign scholars, missionaries and merchants also lived in Konbaung society.

Inthe Emperor appointed the veteran Manchu commander Ming Ruia son-in-law of his, as governor-general of Yunnan and Guizhou, and head of the Burma campaign. Open conflict was narrowly avoided. The colossal decorated door is feet high. Hsinbyushin again assigned the same commanders of the second invasion to face off the Chinese.


Konbaung Dynasty of Myanmar – Myanmar Tours

Credit is due under the terms of this license that can reference both the New World Encyclopedia contributors and the selfless volunteer contributors of the Wikimedia Foundation. Knowing that the king was angry, the Burmese armies were dnasty to return to the capital. The Chinese armies now converged on attacking Kaungton. Inthe Mon, who had never relinquished their aspirations for national independence, again revolted, and elected as King of Pegu a monk of Shan origin, who took the title of Budda Ketti.

Tradition maintains that Gautama Buddha visited the sacred peak of Mandalay Hill with his disciple Ananda, and proclaimed that on the th anniversary of his death, a metropolis of Buddhist learning would be founded on the plain below the hill. Thenceforth peaceful and friendly relations prevailed between China and Burma for a long kobbaung. The government was centrally administered by several advisory royal agencies, following a pattern dgnasty during the Taungoo dynasty. Mindon promoted numerous reforms.

Konbaung Dynasty of Myanmar

Realizing the need to modernize, the Konbaung rulers tried to enact various reforms with limited success. In this civil war — a contest to find a new kannarajt — Burnians, Mons, Sham, and Gwe Shans fought on both sides. Myanmar Historical Research Journal in Burmese. During his reign, he made a major economic survey of the entire kingdom Burma and China prior to the war Hsinbyushin’s reckless decision to fight a two-front war nearly cost the kingdom its independence.

Ming Rui gave up all hope of proceeding toward Ava, and instead tried to make it back to Yunnan with as many of his soldiers as possible. ByAlaungpaya’s forces had reunited all of Burma and Manipur and driven out the French and the British who had provided arms to Hanthawaddy. Monarchy abolished British rule. Inhe went eastward, claiming the cities of Chiang Mai and Vientiane. The Burmese for years were preoccupied with another impending invasion by the Chinese, and kept a series of garrisons along the border.


King Mindon ruled founded Mandalay and tried to modernize his country by kojbaung young people to Europe for education and initiating a. The Konbaung Dynasty was the last dynasty that ruled Burma Myanmarfrom to Ming Rui planned a two-pronged invasion as soon as the rainy season ended.

Mindon was succeeded by his son. The dignity of the state demanded a full surrender. The most he could have raised was no more than 40, Aung San Suu Kyi. From a family of humble rural gentry, he rose to the hereditary chieftainship of his native village.

Downstream from the model is Settawya Pagoda, which contains a footprint of Buddha that was brought to Mingun by King Bodawpaya when the relic chamber in the base of his huge pagoda was sealed up.

He then led a 15,strong army in the direction of Ava.