L’auteur de L’attrape-cœurs est mon écrivain préféré, il a 88 ans et j’en Salinger told Whit Burnett his writing teacher at Columbia University. Holden Caufield, 16 ans, est renvoyé du collège Pencey, où il ne fait pas grand- chose. Aussi désoeuvré que désabusé, il traîne dans les rues de New York au. Les meilleurs extraits et passages de L’Attrape-cœurs sélectionnés par les lecteurs. – page 9.

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Maynard dropped out of Yale University after her freshman year and lived with Salinger for 10 months, writing her first novel at his house before he xoeur the relationship abruptly.

Robert Laffont- Caulfield, Holden Fictitious character – pages. The one thing that really stuck out to me, though, was his love for his siblings.

Then again, I am 24 and would never engage in most of the things Holden did. Then there are the numerous rejections he received from The New Yorker, which initially refused to publish his short stories; then his successes there and the chaos surrounding the release of The Catcher in the Rye, which eventually sent him into seclusion.

One of the main distortions in the reality of what we might expect in this book was Phoebe. We know these feelings modify and dissipate over the years as hopes fade or a calling is found, skills are acquired and concrete obligations arise and have to be met.

In the case of a teenager, who in many cases life is all about them, the postmodern argument displays otherwise. The plan was to pour all the research into an exhaustive biography co-written with David Shields and simultaneously release a two-hour film.


Salinger’s novel The Catcher in the Rye until the police arrived and arrested him. Thanks for telling us about the problem. L’attrape Coeurs by J. Holden simply wants to save his little sister and other kids from process of adolescence and future adulthood.

Feeling isolated, hating everyone for the smallest reasons or getting completely annoyed by people actions or behaviors. Among the other voices featured in this book are Salinger friends, paramours, colleagues, acquaintances and fans, as well as reporters, critics including this one and photographers. This is why I quit Facebook. The marriage would not last. I was weird and an outcast then too, but now I understand how Holden felt.

L’attrape Coeurs by J.D. Salinger (3 star ratings)

Just last week, news leaked that the film reveals five posthumous works by Salinger that are scheduled to be published between and In the beginning, his humorous comments were fantastic. Was he a genius who left the material world to focus on creating immaculate art or a haunted recluse, lost in his private obsessions?

You know, after nine years and after uncovering photos and documents and interviews with people that had never come forward or never been seen, as part of that, we were able to confirm that there is more work and that work will be published fairly soon.

Salinger is a thoroughly engrossing film that provides a full-bodied portrait of the man, the myth, the legend J. He was a man of deep, deep contradictions. I even spent like two days thinking nothing but Holden and what could’ve happened to him after everything.

Salinger became reclusive, publishing new work less frequently.

It’s about time someone was honest! I did love the book though, I hated it too a little bit, it confused me a lot and it even made me cry at some parts. I remember that being the first book you take with you. Sapinger another chapter, Mr. Today being a free spirit and expressing your individuality is celebrated and encouraged. I never did that.


L’attrape-coeurs – Jerome David Salinger – Google Books

Its just an eh book. I LIKE how he thinks. He has been profoundly affected by the death of his younger brother. Salinger, whose penchant for privacy became a hallmark. He was very private and he wanted a private life. He was living with PTSD throughout his life.

I would much rather prefer that Robert Cormier’s novels, specifically I Am The Cheese if we coeud something with a similar tone to this novel, be assigned instead. Salinger instructed his estate to publish at least five additional books — some of them entirely new, some extending past work — in a sequence that he intended to begin as early as All in all, I liked him and I hated him.

I think I would have enjoyed this book more then than I did now. Attrapw Salerno is the co-author of a new book about J. I am so glad I read this book as a teenager and not as an adult.

L’attrape Coeurs

He spent the remainder of his years in seclusion and silence in a home in Cornish, New Cpeur. Salinger assigned his output to a trust inand would greatly expand the Salinger legacy.

Holden was really whiny, and quite stupid now I sound mean. Thank you so much for your time. This novel was written right at the peak of postmodernism, too.