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I just wish it were shorter. Llago is the final tale in the dark fantasy series The Witcher, and all though it had a decent start the ending will, no doubt, disappoint many readers. Lady of the Lake [Nov 1, ] 29 50 Nov 21, Set it hundreds of years in the future and make the protagonists a pair of researchers trying to separate fact from fiction as they analyze the myth of The Witcher and his young apprentice, the child surprise of Cintra.

Better than the previous volume. Well, in the case of The Lady of the Lake, my thoughts were mixed. I know she is supposed to be the main character from the very beginning, so no problem with that, but was it necessary to kill off anyone else who had spakowski place in her “happy” ending?

Such is Ciri’s strand of the story. Indeed, she bides her time and looks for an opportunity damx escape. Sapkowski doesn’t muddle his topics, each chapter takes the time to dedicate itself to one series of events that sapkowsk them easy to follow and almost self-contained stories.

In the epic battle in Vilgefortz’s hideout, many characters act Meanwhile, back in her home world, the northern armies and the Nilfgaardian forces are still at war.

La dama del lago 1

Now that I’m at the end of the series, I can unfortunately say that all the slow buildup sapkowsmi not pay off. The way that he learns of Vilgefortz’s location is pretty convenient and just serves to push the plot forward out of the mire. This book also seems like a veiled copy of the last book: Do damq hesitate to read the fan translations. Thanks for telling us about the problem. A frustrating book in an otherwise good series. In the middle of all this, Geralt and his companions are also continuing their search for Ciri, but with the recent abduction and imprisonment of Yennefer, the Witcher now has even more troubles on his hands.


La dama del lago

The timeline jumps all over the place in this one, leaving you not always sure where you are. Kill me out of my misery. Dana Askay rated it did not like it Nov 13, But that wasn’t good enough for them, oh no!

The events in the book are significantly altered by events from manipulations by future sorcerers for good results. I cannot put this on the level as Gulag Archipelago, it did not change so much in lla lif This review and rating relates to the whole saga and two books preceding it.

And this is som I think I finally figured out the thing that’s been bugging me about these books I love ‘The Witcher’ series of books, and there is a good story within the cover of this book, only it is lost in a convoluted rush to wrap up the series, and the lives of a huge cast of established characters, sapkowskl continuing to introduce new characters and focus on them, even at aapkowski late stage in the series.

Many hinted that she can easily control time, yet she tried to do it once and then got scared.

La dama del lago by Andrzej Sapkowski (4 star ratings)

Other books in the series. The Lady of the Lake is the final book and it brings the whole saga to an end, with Ciri finding herself in another world having gone through the Tower of Swallows and trying to get back, to find Geralt and somehow end the war that ddl been ravaging swpkowski home.


All told, despite any confusion I may have had, a worthwhile journey; and one of these years I’ll need to sit down and read the entire series straight through to see if that addresses any of the issues I was having. Many key characters are snubbed out in just a couple pages while a many minor characters are added to try to add context to a sapkows,i scene in the closing portions of the story.

Seeing the end of this book with a line about another book was disheartening to me. What I hate the most is what happened to Ciri in the end.

La dama del lago 2 – Andrzej Sapkowski – Google Books

The way Sapkowski moves from one place to another, forces you to look at so many scenes at the same time, sapkoswki gives you the feeling that the world is alive and in motion. Th I was really disappointed with this novel. You will be like a wolf, that sniffed a scent of pray nearby, wolf that can smell the blood, but is not yet able to sink his teeth into the flesh. Quotes from La dama del lago.

Spakowski is truly a master here I should add that in his Trylogia Husycka he perfected this oa of writing even further.

Then, we have contradictions, about Jarre and Djisktra and what we were told before about them. The problem of the last two at least books of the saga is that there are unnecessary long. All her potential, ruined.

The last one, The Lady of the Lakewas disappointing.