1 Digitized by Google Original from UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN 2 PROPAGANDA TECHNIQUE IN WORLD WAR who wrote in French on certain aspects of. Propaganda Technique in World War I deals primarily with problems of of a comprehensive theory of propaganda adds another dimension to Lasswell’s study. , , English, Book edition: Propaganda technique in the World War / by Harold D. Lasswell. With a new introd. for the Garland ed. by Harold D. Lasswell.

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Propaganda Technique in the World War

They declare that their army was never defeated by the battering of Allied battalions, but that the nation collapsed behind their lines because all the alien and radical elements in the population were easy marks for the seductive bait of foreign propaganda. Propaganda is – the war of ideas on ide as.

Herv6 was a notorious sans-patrie who had belittled patriotism as an implement of capitalistic exploitation. It is public opinion and propaganda in war-time which calls forth the most strenuous exertions. By negotiation is meant the official exchanges which look toward agreement, y Mediati on between contending parties and submission to arbitration are both commonly invoked.

At this stage in a soldier’s training his behaviour is almost mechanical, and the unity achieved throughout the group is very little higher than that displayed by a machine.

They fall by the wayMde, when others, who have had experience with the kind of fact which they purport to describe, disagree with the original observer. A less wlrld instance of such pressure upon those who wield political power is revealed by Wickham Steed, of the London Times.

Propaganda Technique In The World War

The war c an likewise be a war of ra ce. Rainey came to the aid of the besieged head of the Committee on Public Information, by reminding the House that the Republicans had possessed power for sixteen consecutive years, right down to the two years before the European War, and if the Chairman had returned thanks for unpre- paredness, he was returning thanks for the Republicans even more than for the Democrats.

North- cliffe was essentially a reporter, and Steed had lasswfll long years in the foreign service of The Times.

He combed the reports of some of the municipal vice commissions for juicy stories about sex offences committed by children and reproduced these as typical of the standards of American life. Tehnique, Chairman of the Department of Political Science of the University of Chicago, who has not only encouraged this, as indeed every effort to depart from the beaten path of formalism, but who has placed his special experience as a member of the staff of the Committee of Public Information in Italy during the War worle my disposal.


Longworth Representative from Ohio. Creel was led to remark, The heavens may fall, the earth may be consumed, but! Especially, exclaim the French editors, their proclivity to destroy cathedrals, which has been amply confirmed by the bombardment of Rheims, on burning of Belgian churches and of cathedrals in Lasewell. It is interesting to note that the Bund Neues Vaterland, which was organized about the same time in Germany, spoke exactly the same language, and was quite unaware that the Union of Democratic Control in England was in existence.

It is a contest of public morals and international law. Shortly after the Allies had created a tremendous uproar about the execution of Nurse Cavell, the French executed two German nurses under substantially the same circum- stances. Delius, Deutschlands geistige W eltmachtstellung Stuttgart, Hambro, a member of the House, a banker, a railway director.

The actor is the slave of his audience, though the audience is i in temporary laszwell to the actor. The military people at home may announce the destruction of public buildings in the occupied zone, much to the consternation of the diplomatic representa- 1 H.

This is the great war aim, and in single- 1 Translated in John Buchan.

The wogld of these boys are suffering agonies enough now, without being led to believe that unspeakable outrages are being committed upon all of our American soldiers who may be captured. Clinical psychology is too rudi- mentary to carry an imposing superstructure.

At the direction t of General Ludendorff kn elaborate plan of patriotic stimulation was drawn up.

Propaganda Technique in the World War | work by Lasswell |

Do you love me? Mair, but its relation to the Home Office and the Foreign Office was uncertain. That is a contingency which no Englishman can look upon with indifference. During the late War innumerable schemes for classifying enemy outrages were invented. These associations exist to keep alive a sentiment of cultural unity and may, in times of emergency, go further. McClure took up an unyielding attitude.

Wells may be taken as an example of the pacifistically inclined Liberal, more gracefully articulate than most, whose teechnique of the War came at the cost of inner struggle, tecbnique whose enthusiastic aid in a prolonged contest depended upon an elaborately rationalized cluster of war aims.

Unfortunately, however, the State Department then published an equally favourable report, which, coming from the American Embassy and published with the approval of the Foreign Office in Berlin, caused the complete collapse of Dr. To them, opera in German was a profanation, and the ” Ring ‘ ‘ was pronounced with the accent of Belgravia or not at all.


The balance seems to point toward, unity as more desirable than disunity, propagansa it seems to justify a scheme of organiza- tion which preserves a considerable degree of autonomy to the constituent services. Several books have been published by men who held responsible propaganda posts during the War.

Lloyd George made a sensational speech on the fifth of January,in which he came out four-square for a peace acceptable to the conciliatory elements of the public. This is plausible to the public because people were everywhere warned during the war to beware the noxious fumes of enemy propaganda.

Her music master is secretly scornful of the whole German regime. A booklet on Microbe-Culture at Bucharest was put out in London inand covered the subject very nicely.

Propaganda technique in World War I / [by] Harold D. Lasswell – Details – Trove

The judgment of a Latin historian, Villeius Peterculus has often been quoted. There is a plethora of theories about something known as public opinion propaganca general, and a paucity of hypotheses about public opinions in particu- lar. Colonel Bryan, who assists in American propaganda, is director of six companies, mainly interested in ships and ship-building.

The Legation met her cordially, but, owdng to the vagueness with which her instructions were defined, refused to give her the recognition. Carson, a member of the War Cabinet, was asked to co-ordinate the various agencies. Ernst Muller-Meiningen, a member of the German Reichstag, compiled the sins propwganda the Entente in Der Weltkrieg und der Zusammenbruch des Volkerrechts, which had passed through a third revised edition by the middle llasswell A war to vindicate international law thus has the sanction 1 of bourgeois morality about it and avoids anything which tinges of a class issue.

Rules are typical of Germany, and she wrld a girl acquaintance celebrating the birthday of her father, whom she despised, five years after his death. An American newspaperman in Berlin had known him for some time.