Construccion de lecho nitrificante. Construccion de lecho nitrificante. Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor. English (US); Español · Français. Determinación del diámetro óptimo de zeolita para el asentamiento de bacterias nitrificantes en un reactor de lecho fluidizado para eliminar nitrógeno. Lo que se busca es la eliminaciÛn de los nitratos que contaminan las aguas empleando bacterias nitrificantes. El soporte que se emplea para que las bacterias.

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Int J Life Cycle Assess. Ecological Applications 22 3pp.

Post Your ideas for ProZ. The mini-reactors were inoculated with microorganisms nitrifying bacteria from an activated sludge plant, which was in a process of recovery.

Graphs and results for each performed analyses are presented below. L -1 was reached. Author wants to give thanks to University of Vigo for the financial support given. A first run was lechoa with water to verify the state of the seals and the general operation of each system component Fig.

Lechos nitrificantes

Login to enter a peer comment or grade. This design was chosen in order to prevent particles escaping from the reactor.

L -1 on the sixteenth day and a slight increase until the end of the experiment. To avoid inhibition the pH value must be kept in the range from 7. In these systems, feed and recycle rates must sustain the fluidization of the nitrififantes [1,21] and degradation of organic matter by micro-organisms on the surface of the particles [1, ]. Therefore, the power of the diffusion pump was enough to overcome the gravitational forces acting nitrficantes the particles to achieve the fluidization of the system entirely.


Ecological Applications 22 3pp.

Further, humans severely alter nitrificzntes nitrogen cycle by increasing its availability in many regions of the planet as a result of point and diffuse sources of pollution. Therefore, concentration of dissolved oxygen in water must be kept around 2 to 3 mg. It can be seen that there was an almost complete biodegradation of organic matter in all samples for the different diameters, being One advantage of fluidized bed reactor is the large surface available for adhesion, where the biofilm can grow.

The reactor consisted of an acrylic column 10 cm in diameter and 1. Then there is a slight increase in the seventeenth day followed by a fall back to values similar to the one of the fourteenth day.

ComparablePropertiesIn , Comparable Properties

Wiley and Sons, New York, This is a value beyond the optimal range for the nitrificantse of aerobic nitrifying bacteria. In this sense, there are works that use active carbon as the support, with a density lower than that of the natural zeolite [1]. You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application that takes only a couple of minutes.


The whole experiment ran for three weeks. Excess lechso can be removed by friction between particles or transported to elchos device where the biomass is separated from the particles; these are incorporated back into the bed [27].

M and Heijnen, J. However, similar values were obtained for the 0. This presented an inlet flow of 1. Both side outlets with a 2.

It was determined that optimum pore size lehcos about five times the dimension of the cells, that leave room for two adhered cells and two more cells growing by fusion and some free space between them for transferring substrates [35]. Upon receipt of the zeolite from the supplier, the grinding was started to obtain the required diameters 0. As can be seen, for the 0. A suitable approach to restore the environmental quality of the Odiel river basin.