I REMOTE CONTROL MANUAL g g. II. II. II. | g. II g. II g. I li g a. Serial Number. May MODELS /14/20/24/30/ DUAL- AND QUAD-CHANNEL. 5 Manual Operation. Vertical Controls. Time-Base Controls. Probes. Bandwidth Limit. Trigger controls (Standard). Displaying Traces. Display Control and. See Remote Control Manual. 6FRSH ([SORUHU. Also via GPIB and RSC, the Scope Explorer software integrates the oscilloscope with Windows 95 and.

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Reassemble the power supply unit to the scope. LeCroy is the registered t’ademark ot LeCroy Corporation. Due to the flatness of the screen, the X,Y position of the spot is proportional to the tangent of the respective X,Y deflection currents. A high level disables the outputs. Highest side lobe indicates the reduction in leakage of signal components into neighboring frequency bins.

Attached to the coil are four permanent magnets to compensate for the pin cushion effect caused by the coil and the CRT. Power spectrum in dBm 1 mW into 50 LI. Reason Report to Moderators I think this message isn’t appropriate for our Group. Gain range problem error code Dewetron GmbH, Benelux: This is realized by increasing the beam ON control timing by nsec. It is used, for example, in spectral anal- ysis where a waveform is sampled and digitized, then transformed by a Discrete Fou’ier Transform DFT.


This limits the length of two-axis vectors possible in pratice, as outlined in the next paragraphe. If it is ok, The error code is zero.

I think it’s the cap that’s gone, the black square SMD components I think are the inductors. In this way there is no time lost by returning the spot to the start of the next line.

Lscroy data can be stored at rates un- matched in the industry onto or Kbyte cards. With improved timing resolution on slower time-base settings, users can ana- lyze waveforms by expanding them up 94410 times! Computations are made using bit pro- cessing that allows high accuracy, stability and repeatability.

Teledyne LeCroy – Product Manuals – Oscilloscopes

For an NIST calibration, follow the manual linearity test procedure using a calibrated and certified high precision better than 0. One per channel, 8-bit flash. The cycle is then exactly the same.

The line WE is set low during a write cycle to enable the memory data load. It appears to have been custom made for Agilent as it is not a standard A series part. Please study the diagram and figures before attempting disassembly.


Replace the Eproms at location A1 to A6 see figure 4.

LeCroy 9410 Manuals

The period depends on the Xinc step selected. While Vin and Vout are different, the capacitor is charged or discharged with a rate given by Iin, the integrator current, until Vout reaches Vin. Here are some formulas to approximate the DAC to analog control value: It is easy to get confused where things go when you have a bunch of chips removed from their sockets!

Trigger timing date and time is listed in the memory status menu. Default is inverting The data is then clocked into the memory demultiplexer MDX internal registers by the DMXCKj clock signals coming from the time base through the top connector.

The board is divided in two parts: Multi-channel analysis – All input channels can be ana- lyzed simultaneously to allow comparison of independent signals for common frequency-domain lecrly.

Probably download the service manual and begin to check everythink.