These Operating Instructions are valid for the 93XX controllers of the versions: Instead use a vector control EVF or contact Lenze. Lenze has designed the vector vector Combining power with high performance manuals for bus systems and our operating instructions. This documentation is valid for controller types vector control as from the frequency inverters of the 93XX vector control series and other Lenze drive.

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Lenze EVF9333−xV User Manual

Extensive installation guidelines are provided to facilitate the assembly process. The length of the motor cable determines whether the cable inductance is sufficient or if additional motor chokes are required: This prevents the frequency inverter from setting a pulse inhibit in the event of an overvoltage, which would cause the drive to manuwl to standstill.

Standard fuses and suitable holders e. The frequency inverter has a heat sink fan which dissipates the heat outwards via the air lock.

LENZE Vector Frequency Inverters

The brake transistor integrated in the vector frequency inverter as an option connects the external brake resistor when the DC bus voltage exceeds a certain switching threshold.

The amount of current is determined by the voltage slope and the chopper frequency of the frequency inverter as well as by the effective capacitances of the motor cable. Open and closed-loop control free of charge More than freely connectable function blocks such as PID controllers, flipflops, counters, comparators, delay elements, logic and mathematical functions are available. The correct setpoint source for every application — Via setpoint potentiometer on the control current on the control terminals — Via master reference voltage or master reference current on the control terminals — Via digital frequency input — Via the operating module — Via a communication module directly from a host system.


The relevant drivers are installed automatically.

This reduces the load on – or even manyal the need for – higher-level control systems, free of charge! In addition, its built-in memory can be used to transfer parameters to other inverters. These currents increase the load on the frequency inverter and this may lead to shut-down on faults. The device should be mounted with a clearance of 50 mm at the side.

For this purpose, the setpoint potentiometer can be connected to the analog control terminals of the vector. Name Setpoint potentiometer Order ref. When laying out cables, ensure adherence to national and local regulations. Two LEDs are located on the communication module to indicate the communication status.

Ready for immediate operation The frequency inverters are preset for standard operation. Following mechanical installation, the master and slave are connected electrically parallel connection: Mankal DeviceNet fieldbus has been particularly successful in the American and Asian markets.

A scale and a rotary knob are also available. An excellent drive response – even without the use of speed feedback – and previously unimaginable options for open and closed-loop control tasks are just some of the features which make this frequency inverter so impressive. Lejze which support this protocol are available for various systems e.

Semiconductor fuses utilisation category gRL are required to protect the DC cables and the frequency inverter. More frequency inverter types such as the vector range are available for the power range 0.

User-friendly A wide variety of topic-related and applicationspecific menus are sure to help you solve your drive task and find the parameters required for it. Motor chokes can also be used to reduce currents in motor bearings. For the host system we offer optical fibre adapters which can be plugged into the interface of the host computer. Do not undercut the minimum permissible value! Unshielded m m Max. This enables, for example, the precise and speed synchronous control of multiple motor systems.


Therefore, the drive can be put into operation directly after installation. This enables the vector to perform other open and closed-loop control functions in lneze to the actual drive task in the same way as a PLC. Selection of brake resistors The suitable brake resistor must meet the following requirements: It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Company Street Order ref. Simple dialogue boxes e. Predefined basic configurations are available for complex applications.

The cable has connectors on both ends for connection to two frequency inverters. Connecting the control signals The frequency inverter control electronics are located in the master.

Lenze 9300 vector frequency inverter 110 … 400 kW

Observe the operating conditions of the motor chokes see page U, V, W Output: We recommend the following fuses with appropriate cable cross-sections. In order to help us to do this, please make sure you provide the following information: All connections can be accessed easily from outside the unit.

For the RS interface there is an additional screw terminal for connecting through to the next frequency inverter. In addition, depending on the application, it may also be possible to establish communication with a higher-level host system using plugon communication modules. LV [V] 20 Ex works according to the delivery method specified, excluding packaging. Master Lenze x x System requirements for GDC Hardware: The brake resistor is fitted with a temperature switch as standard isolated NC contact, max.