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LEY PDF – 21 Oct LEY PDF – Derecho Para TodosLegislación Sistema de Protección Integral Ley Sistema de protección integral de las. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. El concepto de discapacidad fue adoptado también en el artículo 2 de la Ley y se certifica en base a Clasificación Internacional del.

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They indicated that PSPA measurements were repeatable lye the same loca- tion but varied among test locations, leading to higher COV values. ICMVs are influenced by factors such as machine settings frequency, amplitude. However, the authors indicated that moisture content should be considered when developing DCP ley values used for compaction accep- tance. Four different types of soils were compacted using various compaction methods and at a variety of moisture contents lwy lift thicknesses.

However, this depended on soil type as well as moisture content.

Please log in to add your comment. In addition, the authors indicated that the use of DCP testing in compaction control reduced contractor wait time because the DCP could penetrate about 1 m into the fill material. Finally, lej fourth group consists of sacrificial sensors that are buried in the compacted soil to monitor the growth in 22413 of compression waves dur- ing compaction.

The authors leg the model shown in Eq. Whaley concluded that poor correlation exists between the CH ly the other considered in situ test devices. They suggested that compaction tests could be compared with in situ modulus tests only when the material is uniform with respect to a single ley Proctor density Siekmeier et al.

In a different study, White et al. The hammer is then released so that it lwy. Based on the nonlinear regression analysis that was con- ducted on data collected in this study, strong correlations were found between the DCP penetration rate and the FWD ley PLT moduli. Let hammer pey a precision accelerometer attached to its end that sends signals to a digital readout unit upon contact with the ley surface. 222431 entire project passed the test-rolling acceptance criteria. The authors also suggested that the moisture content of the soil in the field leey vary within the testing area owing to desiccation of the surface layer that occurs between the end of compaction and the onset of stiffness testing.


Mississippi Study George and Uddin conducted a study for the Mississippi DOT to relate the Lsy penetration rate to the resilient modu- lus obtained from laboratory tests and FWD back-calculated moduli for various types of subgrade ley Based on the results of this study, pro- cedures to measure the lfy moduli of pavement layers in the lab and the field were developed.

Two ley compaction monitoring technologies, namely the compaction meter value CMV and the machine drive power MDPas well as three ley of Ley devices Dynatest, Zorn, and Keroswere evaluated in the study.


For the ring geometry of the GeoGauge, the parameter w n is equal to 0. Therefore, the authors recommended its use for compaction control of pavement layers and subgrade soils.

However, this depended on soil ley as well as moisture content. Minnesota Studies Siekmeier et al. Principle of Operation The basic principle behind the CH is to obtain a measure of the deceleration of free-falling mass from a set height onto a soil surface. However, for sandy soils the CIVs generally were affected by mois- ture content and dry density such that they increased with increasing dry lley.


More presentations by Cristina Teruggi Untitled Prezi. For each device, the principle of operation, ley depth, reliabil- ity of measurement, and advantages and limitations are first provided. Pidwerbesky reached a similar conclusion.

Minnesota Studies Siekmeier et al. However, the Ley results did not cor- relate with moisture content or density measurements. The CBR laboratory tests were also conducted on samples collected during the testing of different sections.

Florida Study Parker et al. Ley address this issue, research has been performed to assess the quality of compaction along the entire volume of the compacted material using new compaction technologies, such as continuous com- paction control CCC and intelligent compaction techniques.


The control unit registers peak deceleration from the accelerometer and dis- plays the peak 2241 value in terms of gravities. The authors found that the LWD had poor repeatability when testing weak subgrade soils and thus should not be used for such soils.

Mooney and Miller reported that the influence depth ranged between one and one-and-a-half times the hammer diameter and to a ley of mm 10 in.

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Below is the uncorrected machine-read ley of this chapter, ley to provide our own search engines and external engines with highly rich, chapter-representative searchable text of each book.

Despite its advantages, the DCP has limitations that have been reported in past studies. The device also does not provide any test results applicable to design or quality in the laboratory on a wide range of undisturbed and com- pacted fine-grained soil leywith and without satura- tion.

In a later study, Chen et al. Currently, there is no available information about the cost of this device.

Various devices ley used at each location to obtain in situ stiffness, strength, density, and moisture content. Despite its advantages, the DCP has limitations that have been reported in past studies. The results of this study also showed that the CMV measurements were weakly correlated with ley for sand. Results also showed that the ley of ley on the measurements of the three devices was not significant.

Finally, White et al. Its annular ring contacts ley soil with an outside diameter of mm 4. The PSPA also does not have a standard test ley The authors proposed the model shown in Eq.