View and Download LG KP user manual online. / PCS Quad Band Terminal Equipment Model Adı KP, KPQ, KP, KPQ Ticari Adı. using on the manual de lg kpq en español of m, the laptop of key days may drive directly clear. Food and Drug Administration(FDA). If open or 99Practical. FCC ID BEJKPQ (BEJ KPQ) Cellular/ PCS GSM/ EDGE Phone with Bluetooth manufactured by LG Electronics USA operating frequencies, user manual.

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Sepya – Sepya efekti. Aksesuarlar Bu aksesuarlar KP ile birlikte verilir. Some of the contents in this manual may differ from your phone depending on the software of the phone or your service provider.

Congratulations on your purchase of the advanced and compact KP phone by LG, designed to operate with the latest digital mobile communication technology. Accessing a saved page Dials a phone number and answers incoming calls.

To connect the USB cable, wait until the phone has powered up Micro SD memory card and has registered to the socket network. Capture button volume of key tone. Do not use your fingernail when removing the battery. Do not remove the Using the cut-out at the bottom lift it battery when the phone is switched from the battery compartment.

Charging your phone Lift and twist the charger socket cover of the on the side of your KP Insert the charger and plug it into a mains electricity socket. Memory card Formatting the memory card Installing a memory card You can expand the memory space on Your memory card may already be your phone by using a MicroSD memory formatted.

The quick keys The quick keys provide easy, one-touch access to your most used functions. Touch to bring up the touch Touch to open your address dialling pad to make a call. To search for the number the number as you would using a you want to call, enter the name normal key pad and touch Calls or of the contact at the top of the Changing your Status from the status bar Touch the status bar to open the Status Summary.

Press the hard or touch to reject an incoming call. In-call options Speaker – Touch to turn on the speaker phone.

Mute – Touch to turn off the microphone so the person you are talking to cannot hear you. Options – Choose from a list of further in-call options, including Go to messages, so you can check your messages, Go to contacts to add or search contacts during a call. The list will move up so more items screen. Your initial call will be locked are visible. To change between the calls, touch and choose Swap call or press the number of the held call.


Touch any single call log Touch Call barring. All outgoing Using call divert Outgoing international On or right for Off. Answer mode – Choose whether to answer the phone using the send key or any key.

Minute minder – Slide the switch left to On to hear a tone every minute during a call. Contacts Searching for a contact Adding a new contact There are two ways to search for a From the standby screen touch and touch Add contact.

From the standby screen touch to open the address book. To scroll through a list of options, touch the last item visible and slide your finger up the screen. The list will move up so more items are visible. So if you move a contact from the and select Information. Select Screen or Box on the key sequences you touch.

Retrieving your email You can stay in touch on the move using You can automatically or manually email on your KP Inbox – All the messsages you receive Text, Voice, Fax, X. This impacts the Your KP message settings are pre- size of your messages and therefore data defined so that you can send messages charges. Changing your other settings Retrieval mode – Choose Home or Roaming network.

If you then choose Touchchoose Settings on the Manual you will receive only notifications Communicate menu then: Touch to delete the photo you have just taken and confirm by touching Yes.

The viewfinder will reappear.

Touch to take another photo straightaway. Your current photo will be saved. Getting to know the viewfinder Settings – Touch this icon to open the settings menu. Camera mode – Camera mode is selected. Video camera mode – Touch this icon to switch to video mode. Memory – Choose whether to save your Preview settings photos to the Handset memory or l the Size – Change the size of the photo to External memory.

Choosing a colour effect Shutter sound – Select one of the three shutter sounds. From the viewfinder touch in the top left corner. Reset settings – Reset all the camera There are five colour tone options: Your current video will capture button a second time to stop be saved.

Video mode – Video mode is selected. In order for your camera to correctly mamual the white balance you may need to determine the light conditions. Touch the video a second time to open to 15 fps are available for video play it fully. For video format conversion software, see the CD you received with your KP Touch the image then to return to the gallery. The image will be saved in your Media Album folder and appear in the gallery.

You need to exit the gallery and kp570s re-open it for this to appear. Setting a photo as wallpaper Put writing on the picture. Touch the photo you would like to set as wallpaper twice to open it.



Turn the Decorate your photo with phone to landscape. Sepia – Sepia effect. Blur – Apply a blurred effect. Sharpen – Move the marker along the bar to sharpen the focus of the photo. Select OK icon to apply the changes or choose to cancel. Touch sounds, videos and games. You can Send and choose from Touch also save your files to a memory card. You can print via Sounds bluetooth or by connecting to a PictBridge compatible printer.

The My sounds folder contains the Downloaded sounds, Default sounds and Voice recordings. From here you can manage, send or set sounds as ringtones. Using a sound Sending a video clip Touch then Select a video and touch then My sounds. Select Default sounds or Voice recordings. If you choose Message or Email, your video clip will be attached to Select a sound and and it will begin the message and you can write and to play. The jad should contain its phone.

To transfer using Bluetooth To move a file from Others to Music Documents: Touch To access the music player, touch Select a file and touch Bluetooth or your sync Creating a playlist cable. You can create your own playlists by You can also use LG PC Suite, see page 56 choosing a selection of songs from the for details.

To transfer using Bluetooth: Using the radio NOTE: If you you can tune into your favourite stations press and holdthe stations to listen to on the move. From the standby screen select then touch and choose Select Date finder. In the From tab set your required date. Once you have set your alarm, touch Save. You can set up to 5 alarms. The Target date will be shown below. Touch Stop to end the timer. Touch Resume to restart the stopwatch at the time you stopped it at, or touch Reset to begin the time again.

LG GB250G Video clips

Adding a city to your world time From the standby screen select then touch and choose Select World time. Touch thefollowed by Add city. Start typing the name of the city you require and it will show at the top of the screen. Now click on have saved onto your phone will be the Handset folder on the left of your displayed on the screen in the LG screen and all your numbers will be Phone folder. From the standby screen select then touch and then USB connection Select mode. Connect your phone to your PC.

Your phone will read: The web Browser To add a new bookmark, select and touch Add Bookmark.