LHBP – BUDAPEST LISZT FERENC INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT plates LHBP INSTRUMENT APPROACH CHART – ICAO ILS OR LOC RWY 31R. Charts, abbreviated plain language text; English, Hungarian. 7, Charts .. See TWY segments on Chart ADLHBP PDC-1 and PDC In. LHBP — BUDAPEST LISZT FERENC INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT .. See TWY segments on Chart ADLHBP PDC-1 and PDC In.

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In low traffic periods or in nighttime operations shortcuts or direct to IAF of T-bar base final approaches may be expected.

vACCHUN – Virtual Area Control Center Hungary

Charts and other information available for briefing or consultation. Nighttime traffic restrictions 5. Light turbulence category aircraft arriving for the Terminal 1 apron may also use RWY 31L for landing outside of the period of deep sleep, from midnight to The AOO service records the most important specifics of engine tests e.

Due to the limited airspace available, it is of importance that the approaches to the patterns and the holding procedures are carried out as precisely as possible. After vacating the RWYwithout further notice, charrts shall immediately contact Budapest Ground on If no landing clearance has been received, turn back and hold over the designated entry point for 5 minutes and then make landing on the designated landing area.

Their work shall be carried out on the lbp designated to them in accordance with the permission of the airport operator. In special circumstances the Budapest Apron Management Service will provide the Marshaller for start-up and push- back procedures.

Engine start-up during the push-back procedure is not allowed silent push-back. The obstacle-free nature FOD and cleanliness of the area must be verified in all cases.


Name of aerodrome Designator Time of observation Type of approach to be expected and runway s in use Significant runway surface conditions and, if appropriate, braking action; conditions of other movement areas Expected delay, if appropriate Transition level Other essential operational information Meteorological report ATFM information. Supervision of the Aerodrome The movement areas at Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport chaarts checked on lhbo regular basis by the duty airside manager.

It is prohibited to perform engine power test between – outside the engine test stand. The permit for carrying out special activities, issued by the operator of the airport, chaarts not a substitute for the required permits issued by the responsible authorities.

In case of runway direction 13 Training flights may not be authorised for runway If the pilot-in-command considers the runway-in-use not usable for the reason of safety, he shall request permission to use another runway. The AOO service records the most important specifics of engine tests e.


The maximum taxi speed on the aprons shall not exceed 16 KT. Aircraft will be advised of these procedures in an ATIS broadcast with the following expression: Permission for actual engine start-up must be requested from the unit responsible for traffic management in the given area, by DRR radio or air-to-air radio on the frequency of the competent unit in the given chatsand the completion of the engine test must be reported to the same unit.

Engine tests at idle power may be performed at the following locations, with a maximum of one engine, for a maximum of 5 minutes, without restriction in terms of the time of day:. Further taxiing to the designated stand is only allowed when cleared by Budapest Ground or Budapest Tower.

Aeroplanes and helicopters may land on the runways. Normally, an aircraft will take off and land into the wind, unless safety, runway configuration or traffic conditions determine that a different direction is preferable. Supervision of the Aerodrome The movement areas at Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport are checked on a regular basis by the duty airside manager.


Other than the cases specified in section 7, deviation from the basic rules on RWY use is only possible under the following circumstances:. Nose in guidance at aircraft stands on Aprons. The vertical limits of the final approach area are from the ground up to 2 FT M AMSL and laterally bound by straight lines connecting the following coordinates: The start-up and push-back procedures from stand 31, 32, 44 are restricted.

Arrival routes turning cjarts Nighttime traffic restrictions 5. After receiving the approval and instructions of Budapest Ground the aircraft may commence push-back and start-up lnbp immediately, with the pilot informing or indicating the approval and facing of the aircraft, and other relevant information to the connected ground staff. PAPI 3 20 M. In the absence of a specific clearance to cross the active runway ahead, the aircraft shall not proceed beyond the relevant taxi holding point.

Type of landing forecast Interval of issuance. Lifting bags and hydraulic jacks available.


A maximum of three exercises may be planned in a sequence for the same route. Pilots who are unable to comply with the assigned climbing gradient shall inform ATC accordingly. Particular mention must be made of black and grey crows.

If the flight is subject to slot allocation procedure, the latest time to issue the start-up clearance is 10 minutes prior to CTOT.