Liber Trigrammaton subFigura XXVII by Crowley. Original key entry by Fr. H.B. in New York 1/23/90 e.v. ASCII conversion by Bill Heidrick, T.G. of O.T.O. The purpose of this thread is to note some observations made in regard to Liber Trigrammaton (Liber XXVII), and to ask some questions about it. Liber Trigrammaton. (English Alphabet Attributions – Class B). Here is Nothing under its three forms. It is not, yet informeth all things. E – The Triple Light, the.

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Unfortunately, that is precisely where the evidence is not forthcoming.

Cambridge University Press, According to Jake Stratton-Kent the English Qaballa is neither merely a qabalah nor a system of numerology or solely gematria. Show thy star-splendour, O Nuith! The Book of the Law should be kept intact until this discrepancy can be settled once and for all. And Nuit has promised Thelemites certainty, not faith.

And what does this word mean, trigrammaton? That statement was made before the Windram copy was given away, which is why I feel that this copy did not include the definitive list. I adore the might of thy breath, Supreme and terrible god, Who makest the gods and death To tremble before Thee! But if it was the first try, he later reverted to letters he had written over in this document, which was then published in the New Comment with the full list.


But whereas all the other dozen Holy Books of Thelema were penned by him and put in this Class, only CCXX specifically says within its text not to change a letter. Consider for a moment that in the space of a year and a half, three different printed versions of the SV appeared, in EQ 1 71 9 and 1 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. One can see how in the process of proofreading his copy of Thelema, he might have viewed the trigrams as incomplete without English letters assignments and felt motivated to provide them.

I sold the copies many years ago to either Lutz or Clive Harper.

In this text was the injunction found at verse 2: Hopefully someday a print version will be available. In that edition, several changes appear to the SV.

Also there rose up a soul of filth and of weakness, and it corrupted all the rule of the Tao.

Liber Trigrammaton Decoded

During his lifetime, AC was involved with publishing the typeset version of the original manuscript a number of times. Marina del Rey, Calif.: Crowley himself is the authority.

The next three verses to be inserted appear in the third chapter, later numbered verse One system of English Qabalah with a strong English gematria liger was proposed by R. Let it fill me!

Liber Trigrammaton |

The London edition and USA editions essentially follow the publication. But one cannot prove a negative.

We may then continue the subtraction from the previous result, and arrive at the final answer: These attributions very largely agree with the letters pencilled into the Windram copy, but there are some differences. Against him the Brothers of the Left-hand Path, confusing the symbols. But whatever is done with the information about the penciled correction in Thelemait is by no means an imperative that Liber CCXX must be changed.


Or, if he had truly forgotten about it, he may have given the book to Windram without even noticing his annotations.

Liber Trigrammaton

W — The Eyes Spirit. All of the liiber he authorized differ from each other to a greater or lesser extent, but bythe Book had come very close to its final form. Maybe Ben remembers to whom he has sold these items and access can be granted? Expanded Editionp. All that can be said is that he never changed it in print in his lifetime.

Trigrammaton Qabalah

Regarding the claim by the editor that this change MUST be implemented, regardless of his personal feelings about it, this conclusion does not withstand scrutiny. Coutu was a computer programmer and network engineer, who, in the late s, developed the second text analysis software for Qaballists, called LEXICON. January 4, at 3: And where will this 9 come from? June 5, at trigrammagon