2 quotes from Llaila Afrika: ‘Contemporary medical technology is not an advancement in medicine- it indicates the failure of Caucasian medical science and is a. So, for the first installment of our book of the month, we recommend reading: Melanin: What Makes Black People Black! By Dr. llaila Afrika. The Power and Science of Melanin book explains the negative and positive effects it can have on children. It describes the biochemical differences between.

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Gives clarity to the importance of melanin in the body.

A big part of that journey requires first properly identifying who you are, as melanated people who live in the Lliala States, we have had several different labels placed on us. As with most reading, further reading is not only encouraged but a must. Porsha rated it it was amazing Oct 17, It always perplexed me as to why with all the learning of sciences, not once ever has melanin mrlanin discussed or a part of my curriculum growing up in school.

I’ve learned a great deal from this very light and short read. Knowing the power melanin possesses is knowing life!!! Good Information Informative on what makes us black People color. February 17, November 28, H. Jeshua afrima it liked it Aug 06, Melanin has memory that cannon be destroyed, thats why amputees experience phantom pain.


Melanin: What Makes Black People Black! By: Llaila Afrika – Melanated Fathers of America

The Black race s under-education, dys-education dysfunctional and mis-education about Melanin merely reflects one particle of a mis-education. Melanin is the only chemical that can bi locate.

Definitely thought provoking read due to its inter-contextual references and scientific backing. It gives you a basic understanding of what is melanin and how it benefits poc. Everyone over age 10,definitely to ppl wither Melanin content. Melanin is found in 3 forms: Anybody that considers themselves neutral to the racism llalla should find themselves intrigued by this book because it pertains to life on planet Earth.

Refresh and try again. The Science did not get me lost and I felt it was a great overall introduction to Melanin.

Melanin: What Makes Black People Black! By: Llaila Afrika

Good book It was a really good book. Melatonin which is involved in circadian rhythm 3. OK, I was quite disappointed.

This book makes it melanih to me why that is.

Melanin: What Makes Black People Black

Been trying to understand melanin for 20 years, As a RN as the Eoropean-Western medical books fir hundreds s of dollsrs programmed us with soooo much pseudo- science, fake, and disinformation, its Medical racism!! Do not pass this one up.


Book of the Month. Ashley Young rated it it was ok Aug 23, Study of Melanin is the key to understanding life on planet Earth. So, for the first installment of our book of the month, we recommend reading: Thought it would be a quick read, but the content is very scientific.

To ask other readers questions about Melaninplease sign up. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. He Does it Again!!!!!

Melanin is our sixth sense and unfortunately the ones running the school systems and creating the curriculums lack it. C The Prince rated it it was amazing Apr 13, This book has shown me the way to improve myself for the good will be recommending this to my brothers and sisters if they have not already enjoyed this book on their own.

Baby food too should reflect this difference for babies with various amount of Melanin. Epinephrine is critical to flight or fight response and therefore higher Melanin content indicates a better mechanism to survive.