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Magic Rises is the sixth instalment in the Kate Daniels series, after Magic Slays, and marking a return to the main series line after last year’s. The smart latest installment of Andrews’s semi-post-apocalyptic urban fantasy series (after Gunmetal Magic) takes mercenary Kate Daniels and. Magic Rises Ilona Andrews Kate and Curran are pulled out of their Atlanta home territory and into the muck of European shapeshifter politics.

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I recognized the shock of brown hair. And I know it’s kinda a cheat to ke Ah, this one got me in the gut. If the fuckers were willing to anddrews Kate in the first place so that Lorelai could have him then why wouldn’t they decide to just finish Kate off straight away? Especially when her apparently smitten enemy stakes his claim and starts provoking Curran: And then there’s the totally gratifying reveals about Kate’s past.

Lists with This Book. How Curran could not tell Kate that she was in danger seemed out of character for him. The previous books in the series are as follows:.

Magic Rises (Kate Daniels, #6) by Ilona Andrews

Not so much with this one. It pushed me over the hey-that’s-a-really-cool-mythical-creature line and into the realm of that’s-just-silly.

I just loved their interactions and felt that there was an understanding between them on a certain level which Kate could never ever have with anyone else in this world. And to listen to her smart mouth driving people crazy. And boy, is there some ilonaa the scenes stuff going on that no one realizes for the longest time.


Magic Rises

When I don’t feel like chopping you into tiny little piecesthat is. But normally, even with series I love, at book six or seven if you include Gunmetal Magicwhich I kind of do I have found that things start to get a little stale, packed with filler and all the excitement and tension from the previous books has faded. But Julie was my ward and my responsibility, and practicing with a spear was good for her.

After no less than 26 agonizing months, Magic Rises, the long-awaited sixth installment in the Kate Daniels series is finally here.

Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to footer You are here: I’m sick of all their rubbish, the series feels more about the pack than about Kate.

Maddie was still going loup. No one can say Kate and Curran are boring now that they are mated. Saiman gets kidnapped, so Kate and Derek run to his rescue.

Friday, July 12, View all 35 comments. The following are not exactly spoilers since I am not writing about the actual events, but still be warned. I knew since the beginning that something is going to happen to Doolittle. Because I really, really, can’t get my groove on over a star-crossed-lovers storyline and because the plotting requires some reader buy-in at exposition and ilpna Really?

Cover art provided by Juliana Kolesova.



Port Gagra, Republic of Georgia Georgia. Jan 04, Duchess Nicole rated it iloja liked it Recommends it for: Mercenary Kate Daniels and her mate, Curran, the Beast Lordare struggling to solve a heartbreaking crisis. View all 26 comments.

The basic conflict pits Kate and the gang against other shapeshifting factions and a surprise Big Bad, but for me, this book is more of an examination of the ties Kate has to her own Pack and whether they’ll stand against the external pressure. Mass Market Paperbackpages. The urgency in the female voice made me spin around.

Plus, all the secondary characters even have their own traits and personalities and stand out as individuals, and I was delighted by how interesting I magix one of the more prominent ones in this book.

I marched down the hall. I will say this, there were plot inconsistencies, there were actions and behaviors that were so out of character that they were hard for me to swallow and in the end, everything was too quickly and neatly tied up with a bow. As Lydia recounted extensively, the story takes Kate and company magiv their shores all the way across the Atlantic.