A novel ” Maidanam ” by famous telugu writer Gudipati Venkata Chalam. Chalam Maidanam by shiva prasad Vogue USA – December Mehmet Inan . Chalam Novels – 2. Maidanam. Default Title. Default Title Rs. Bhagavan Paadala Mundu – (Navodaya Book House). Maidanam is as unique in translation in English as it is in Telugu literature. Most interestingly the translation version is a successfully sustained piece of fiction.

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Its released around February ArunaAnusuya’ ‘Ameena. Their very first meeting is an emotionally charged and sexually exciting experience. His views on relationships which all his works portray which are thought provoking. She plunges headlong into a life of passion and bliss with Ameer.

చలం ( of మైదానం [Maidanam])

She has never known anything so exhilarating like that before. Unbelievable to note that this book was written in s. The book has our protagonist – a young housewife in an unhappy marriage – do and feel things which could be considered revolting even going by today’s standards it’s actually astonishing that this was written maaidanam the s.

Gudipati Venkata Chalam aka Chalam —a Telugu writer and philosopherwas one of the most influential personalities in modern Telugu literature. When finally Ameer embraces her, in the absence of her husband of course, she reacts with a cry of joy and after he is gone she kisses herself in the mirror and feels that Ameer has endowed divinity on her.

మైదానం [Maidanam]

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Paperback15th reprint96 pages. His father-in-law banished him from entering his house. Aug 31, Bhallamudi Venkatadileep added it.


Chalam Books

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Dec 28, Bhavya Sri added it. He used to practice Hindu rituals very religiously. After completing his studies in Madras, Chalam joined in a job as tutor in Kakinada. He believed that the barriers created by the society precluded love and mutual understanding from human relationships. I liked one song from this movie.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Sthree ,samaja viluvalu ni prasnisthu,anadhi ga vastunna vivaha bandalanundi thana swechha lokam lo anandanni pondatanni chala chakka manaku teliparu chalam garu. I appreciate Chalam’s courage to write this novel 90 years back and it reflects current day’s situation. Chalam garu em cheppadalchukunnaro nakaithe em ardam avvaledu. For his views on women and their freedom of thought.

Yentha chetta pusthakam lo ayina gurthupettukodaniko, aacharinchadaaniko oka manchi sangathi untundi. Again, he started participating in the Brahma Samaj activities. His mother was Venkata Subbamma and his father was Kommuri Sambasivarao. The way his father abused his mother made an indelible impression on his young mind. And OK, I was born but why I did not die immediately without polluting my surroundings?

Most of his writings were regarding Women, especially the kind of difficulties women encounter-physical as well as psychological-in the society, families from their near and dear nkvel. This infuriated all his relatives and more so his father-in-law. Woman too has a mind; it should be given knowledge. Because when you get down to it, who decided what is right and what nove wrong? Chalam stopped wearing the sacred thread Yagnopaveethamstarted eating non-vegetarian food Brahmins teelugu strict vegetarians and he used to mingle with telufu castes.


Feb 14, Butchi Reddy rated it it was amazing. E pusthakam motham lo bothaddam petti vethikinaa alanti manchi dorakadu. In his childhood, his maternal grandfather adopted him and his surname was changed to “Gudipati” from “Kommuri”.

Chalam discussed how he believed novvel should face these problems. One should have a deep understanding of belief systems. Asalu paryavasanam akkarleni stri modatininchi vimukhamgane undali Baariteginchadam, lechipovadam, bhahiranga srungaaram laantive swecha ayte alanti swecha lekunda undatame melu ani na opinion. Oct 22, Jyothi rated it it was amazing. Manam manushulu kanuka taraalu maare process lo mana Nenu Chadivina athi chandaalamayina pusthakaallo modatidi.

While studying for his degree in Chennai, he got his wife admitted into a convent for her education and he used to drop her at school on his bicycle. At that time, he was attracted by the preachings of Raghupati Venkata Ratnam Naidu —a social reformer and founder of the Brahma Samaj in Andhra. Before he completing, he had committed himself to an exhaustive study of Hindu epics as well as Hindu doctrinal teachings.

Jul 17, Uday Kanth rated it really liked it Shelves: