Malavikagnimitra is a Sanskrit play by Kalidasa. It is known to be his first play. The principal characters of Malavikagnimitra include Malavika. Agnimitra, who is the hero of Kalidasa’s ‘Malvikagnimitram’ was a king of which of the following dynasties? [A] Sunga [B] Kanva [C] Satavahana [D] Maurya. Kālidāsa. Indological Book House, – Sanskrit drama – pages The Malavikagnimitra0: A Sanskrit Play by Kālidāsa. QR code for Malavikagnimitra .

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Then, let us go behind the back of the woman in charge of the garden. Queen Aside How now?

The vaidya had also advised that something with the image of a snake should also be obtained and sent to him, since it has the power of counteracting poison. Going forward Oh 1 This is the golden Asoka which appears clad by bunches of flowers. Parivrajika advises complacently an amputation or the cauterie of the bitten limb.

Lassen refers to Kalidasa as the highest star in the firmament of Indian Poetry. Nagarika, inform the queen—Who are we to give directions to the queen? Let it pass now. Any text you add should be original, not copied from other sources. The following slokas may be perused with advantage in this connection.

The play is a five-act drama based on king Agnimitra’s love for a beautiful girl Malavika. This is an instance of Virodhabhasa in which Sanskrit poets frequently revel. The inconsistency lies in that the owner of a single thing, practically a pauper, should be in a position to confer multifarious benefits on his devotees.

His cousin, prince Madhavasena was, however, a friend to king Agnimitra. The king of Vidarbha had stated that he would comply, if Agnimitra agreed to release his brother-in-law, Mayurasachiva, who had been imprisoned earlier by him.


How shall I now release myself? Will our expectation be fruitful? I have trampled on sandalwood like shoes. Aside O friend, walk steadily lest yon should rouse the suspicions of Her Malagikagnimitra Dharinl.

Everything was in order and the book, well packaged. He soon set out to channelise their freedom from the queen’s custody.

Malavikagnimitra | work by Kalidasa |

She had caught the king red-handed and was in no mlaavikagnimitra to ignore the serious slip on the part of her husband. I sqrerqq si gwng q: He received the Jnanpith Award in for his contribution to Gujarati literature. Your Highness will byy her an answer. This was rather a humiliating course of action for the king to follow.

With this fore-foot, red like fresh tender leaves and shining bright with the lustre of nails, the young lady may worthily kick two objects—either the flowerless Asoka in performing its Dohada, or the faithless lover caught red-handed, who bows down his head.

To himself Oh 1 How absolutely free ‘i. I shall also come without an empty hand to see the queen. Queen, is it so settled? Ganadasa, however, explained that Malavika’s performance was not her inaugural display of skill in dancing and that nothing was due to the Brahmin on the occasion.

Malavikagnimitra: A Sanskrit Play – Kālidāsa – Google Books

Jayasena returned from the vaidya Dhruvasiddhi’s residence with his message that the patient be taken to him. Reads the rest Then Kqlidasa with his bow vanquished his foes and led back my gem of a kqlidasa whom they tiad sought to take away by force. Jay Kapopara, You can download it from the following link — Malvikagnimitra Natak.


Friend, whereto have you started? And he, after making a present of the best gems and beasts of burden and a retinue largely consisting of female artists, has sent to His Highness a messenger who will meet him to-morrow. Then take him to the revered doctor, supported by the eunuch.

Accordingly— With cheeks white like the stalks of reed and with a few ornaments, she shines like a jasmine creeper with leaves ripe in the Spring and with a few flowers. Madam, the king enters only here. Walking about and seeing Here is a plot paved with crystal.

For Dhrshta the following illustration is given there. By gesture begins the decoration of foot King.

You could read the books online or download them using any batch-downloading software or by using DLI Viewer aupasana. Since the back of Nandin served as a stage, the ; worship offered with a view to entry on the stage is called Nandi.

Malavikagnimitram of Kalidasa – English Translation

This Aioka will be worthless if, after receiving this honour from your foot, it delays to put on flowers. In both the interviews it is Vidushaka. He depends entirely on his accomplice for schemes to realise his malavikagnimitfa. Of course the babe-elephant has followed in the footsteps of the giant-elephant. Friend, I am unable to permit my mind for that out of deference to the queen. The king had asked him to machinate a plan by which he could meet Malavika.

The queen is there? But, through the superior: His own’ruin, my lord.