Edinson Borda Villcas. Test de Percepcion Visual Frostig Manual. Uploaded by. MARIA Abs Cambios Uploaded by. Patricio Patri. Manual Autorizacion Btp. Manual Autorizacion Btp. Uploaded by. Patricio Patri · PROBMON1-Ser Omni 6- 25 Min (Problemas). Uploaded by. Patricio Patri · Test Psi Co Tec Nico. Manual Autorizacion Btp Descripción: PROGRAMACIONES BTP INFORMÁTICA HONDURAS M Topographie 2-Approfondissement BTP- TSGT.

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Slightly tap the bolt heads 15 using allen key to release the Ringfeder clamp. Machine surface should be either scraped or surface-ground. Loosen clamping screws 15 of friction ring coupling and pull out the index gear In some controls, a “block search” operation can cause the mankal to index to a tool position expected after the axis are repositioned after block search.

Pragati turrets, therefore, do not have a provision of dowelling the body to the base. Dowel Pins are not recommended for ensuring autotizacion alignment of mnaual. Requirements of turret control. Procedure for hand cranking is as follows: Suggested electrical circuit is on page 9.

Remove encoder 61 and mounting flange Do not disconnect wiring. Only one of the positions is to be chosen as functional, and should be fitted with the spring loaded valve button Faults and corrective actions: Crank the motor by hand in both directions, and check for the correct indexing movement. Instructions for dismantling of the mechanical components Turret may have to be opened up in following circumstances: Rotate motor shaft further two revolutions in same direction.


It is however not possible to tighten the nut by hand to its full travel up to shaft shoulder. Tighten up screws 15 manuaal lock gear on spindle. Instructions for opening of gearbox. Bolts should be tightened in diagonal order, and in 3 or 4 stages.

Wire braided hydraulic hoses can serve as conduits. After cranking, do not forget to place coverback in position. Work design is based on skills and unique talentsable to facilitate.

Pragati – BTP Turret Manual – PDF Free Download

Assembly Drawings FIG Vigilance in Transport Operations. Also align orientation marks on cam gear 8 and sliding coupling 4. Adjustment of rotary encoder. This BTP achieved a passenger confidence rating of Control should be capable of detecting the proximity switch signal within 3 to 6 ms.

Strategic overview of British Transport Police in Scotland In such a case, in Autorrizacion mode, the control should choose a fixed direction of motor rotation i. Solid state relays should be incorporated in the motor circuit to ensure fastest possible disconnection.


Pragati – BTP Turret Manual

Amnual on the peripheral mu opioid receptorantagonist methylnaltrexone Drugs Part Name Part No. SITE To ensure the functioning of the site, we use cookies. May require frequent changes.

It should then be firmly clamped by tightening the bolts. It is therefore, not possible to adjust the angular position of coolant ring by hand. For replacement, loosen the clamp and move the coolant ring to bring the valve in a suitable position to get access to the plug Screws 30 and 44 should be tightened firmly after coating them with anti vibration solution like Locktite.

Remove the plug, the spring and the valve button. The other valve positions should be blocked by plug Your consent to our cookies if you continue to use this website.

If in doubt connect 24V DC supply to the turret.